Vigo Kombucha 12 x 330 ml

Vigo Kombucha 12 x 330 ml

Brand: Cruz Group Inc.

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VIGO is a herbal beverage based on kombucha – a Japanese mushroom, which has already been used in natural medicine for over a thousand of years.

VIGO is a revelation, it has so refreshing and amaizing taste, but most importantly, it is just a health factory!

How did we create it? Creating VIGO, we used only natural components. We searched for the appropriately composed kombucha essence for several months. We created the drink from the best varieties of Japanese mushrooms, herbal teas and natural spring water.

We have made every effort to ensure that VIGO fulfilled our high quality requirements, without losing its refreshing qualities during the production process – so that it would be healthy and your palate would appreciate the exceptional taste.

Ingredients Natural spring water, fruit extract, concentrated fermentate of herbal tea, cider vinegar, carbon dioxide, natural flavouring, acids: lactic acid, malic acid, colour: plain caramel, stabilizer: glycerol esters of wood rosins, vitamins: niacin, vitamin B6, biotin, vitamin B12. Non-allergenic.
size 330 ml
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