Vigo Kombucha


VIGO is a natural anti-oxidant, it assists digestion,
immune system and has a detoxicating action.
VIGO is an excellent alternative to all artificial or highly sweetened carbonated drinks.

VIGO is a drink with a fantastic taste and properties. We have made every effort so it would also have a tempting appearance. The essence of kombucha is contained in a beautiful glass bottle, creating an ideal composition of aesthetic and flavour qualities.

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  • Vigo Acai 12 x 330 ml
    Even more fruits? That’s right. VIGO Acai is extremely refreshing with a distinctive, deep flavour. Excellent taste and lots of health straight from the tropical forests of South America. ..
    Ex Tax: £14.00 £16.80
  • Vigo Kombucha 12 x 330 ml
    VIGO is a herbal beverage based on kombucha – a Japanese mushroom, which has already been used in natural medicine for over a thousand of years. VIGO is a revelation, it has so refreshing and amaizing taste, but most importantly, it is just a health factory! How did we create it? Creating VIGO..
    Ex Tax: £14.00 £16.80
  • Vigo Maple 12 x 330 ml
    Unusual combination of Kombucha and maple juice made from maple fruits and leaves. VIGO Maple is subtly sweet and intensively wild by nature. It is slightly reminiscent of the taste of maple syrup but still is totally unique – refreshing, delicate, unrepeatable and in addition - absolutely healthy. ..
    Ex Tax: £14.00 £16.80
  • Vigo Schisandra 12 x 330 ml
    Original and sophisticated composition of Kombucha and Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis). Untamed but enormously gripping taste. ..
    Ex Tax: £14.00 £16.80
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