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  • Club-Mate Granat 20 x 500 ml
    Mate is a jungle plant used in South America for centuries, which contains both caffeine and tannins. Pomegranate is a fruit used for thousands of years , which is usually called as "Fruit of Kings" because of its beneficial ingredients. You can taste it with every sip ! FRUITY - MATE-POMEG..
    Ex Tax: £22.50
  • Lapacho 20 x 500 ml
    Lapacho Tea is from South America and is the inner bark of the Tecoma-Lapacho tree. Lapacho is a herbal tea that has been used for over a 1 000 years by indigenous tribes to treat an array of ailments a medicinal gem! This is a caffeine free tea with a very pleasant mild flavour with hints of ..
    Ex Tax: £15.00