Baikal Getranke

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  • Wostok Date-Pomegranate 24 x 330 ml
    Spices and aromas mingle in the bazaars of Uzbek cities Tashkent and Samarkand. Strolling along bustling streets, we were inspired to combine dates and pomegranates to create our latest Wostok flavour. Date juice, pomegranate, white tea, fennel and aniseed blend to give our Soviet-inspired dri..
    Ex Tax: £12.00
  • Wostok Tannenwald 24 x 330 ml
    Based on an original Soviet recipe from 1973, Wostok Tannenwald is the first pine-tree scented lemonade to land on shelves in the West. Named after the Russian Vostok space program, the fizzy drink merges Taiga root, pine needle oil and a hint of cardamom, creating a unique flavour: spicy, piney ..
    Ex Tax: £20.00
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  • Wostok Tarragon-Ginger 24 x 330 ml
    Not only are they wild dancers, but Georgians also have a knack of creating fizzy drinks with a twist. Take the Georgian pharmacist Mitrophane Laghidze who in 1887 came up with the unusual idea of infusing carbonated water with tarragon extract. The refreshing beverage earned itself a faithful..
    Ex Tax: £20.00
  • Wostok Pear & Rosemary 24 x 330 ml
    BIO pasteurized by at least 35% fruit juice.Natural mineral water, organic pear juice, organic lemon juice, organic agave syrup,carbonated, natural organic rosemary extract. ..
    Ex Tax: £20.83