Flora-Power 24 x 330 ml

Flora-Power 24 x 330 ml

Brand: Reineckes Getranke

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Flora Power - a drink made from mate tea with lots of caffeine and a little content of sugar. Flora Power is less sweet than lemonade and refreshes more. The fine, slightly tart taste quenches the thirst; the high caffeine content lasts longer.

Flora Power was started in 2005 when Hans-Werner and Ludger decided to produce their own Mate drink. Not wanting to copy what was already on the market they made the flavour of the drink much more similar to original mate tea.

The drink is now mostly sold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now, available in the UK!

In terms of taste, the drink is not sweet at all. So, the first bottle can taste a little bit strange to the unaquainted. But it is a real grower :)

Ingredients Water, sugar, mate tea extract, natural flavor, citric acid, caramel E150d, caffeine, carbonic acid
size 330 ml
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