Wostok Tarragon-Ginger 24 x 330 ml

Wostok Tarragon-Ginger 24 x 330 ml

Brand: Baikal Getranke

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Not only are they wild dancers, but Georgians also have a knack of creating fizzy drinks with a twist.

Take the Georgian pharmacist Mitrophane Laghidze who in 1887 came up with the unusual idea of infusing carbonated water with tarragon extract.

The refreshing beverage earned itself a faithful following among his compatriots. It also won over Wostok, which is now introducing a new version of the historic green drink to the West.

Tweaked with ginger and orange juice, the refreshing herby beverage has a spicy kick.

Ingredients Natural mineral water, sugar, orange juice from concentrate, carbonic acid, citric acid, natural ginger flavor with other natural flavors, ascorbic acid, copper-containing complexes of Chlorophilline, locust bean gum, tarragon extract
size 330 ml
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